Villa Musica

There are some special ties between Villa Musica and the crime in Piaśnica Wielka. It was built in 1926 by Franciszek Panek, a doctor from Wejherowo who was also known for his pro bono initiatives and effors. Its architectural style resembles that of the “Milusin” manor house in Sulejówek, which belonged to Marshal Józef Piłsudski. Before the war the villa functioned as a cultural salon of the town. In 1939 the building was seized by Germans. They set up local Gestapo headquarters in the building, and co-ordinated actions related to the executions near Piaśnica Wielka from there. Clothes and objects stolen from the murdered victims were stored in the basement of the house and in the garden. Amongst the victims of the crime in Piaśnica Wielka there were also daughters of Doctor Franciszek Panek: teachers Kazimiera Pankówna and Stanisława Pankówna.


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