Let us not forget about graves of Piaśnica massacre victims


The All Saints’ Day and the All Souls’ Day are coming and we will be visiting the graves of our family members and friends. When travelling to those places, let us not forget about the graves of the massacre victims in the forests near Piaśnica, and about those situated at other cemeteries.

In the place of executions near Piaśnica there are 26 mass graves of the victims, a monument at the voivodeship road No. 218, as well as other memorials. However, the victims of the massacre in Piaśnica are not buried only in the place of executions. Some families took the bodies of their relatives to cemeteries in Gdańsk, Gdynia, Wejherowo and Rumia.

The cemetery in Wejherowo, at 3 Maja Street, is the last resting place of, amongst others, Major Edward Łakomy - the Wejherowo Wieś commune administrator, Major Karol Biliński - appointed mayor of Wejherowo, Teofil Naczk - janitor at the junior high school in Wejherowo. The Military Cemetery in Gdynia - Redłowo is the place of burial of thirty Gdynia inhabitants, and of a man of unknown identity, as a symbol of those who are resting forever in Piaśnica. Their funerals took place on 26 October 1946.

Based on: Grot E., Piaśnica – miejsce pamięci narodowej. Stan badań i postulaty (Piaśnica. A National Memorial. Current State of Knowledge and Desiderata.), in: R. Osowicka, Las piaśnicki. Niemy świadek hitlerowskiej kaźni (Forest near Piaśnica. A Silent Witnesses of Slaughter at the Hands of Nazis.), Wejherowo 2014. Osowicka R., Wejherowskie Powązki (Cemetery for the People of Merit in Wejherowo), Wejherowo 2014. Gallery (namely a set of pictures and drawings accompanying the article)



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